The thump of helicopter rotors retreated into the basin leaving Coldsmoke founder Randy Breitenbach and his guide atop a mountain in the British Columbia backcountry. A heavy overnight snow dump had blanketed the slopes in feet of fresh powder, and as the first rays of morning sun flashed above the toothy eastern peaks a gust of wind lifted a tongue of powder from a crag and swirled it into the sky. The guide, long experienced, but no less enthralled by this elemental collaboration of earth, water, sky and light, remarked, “When the snow is perfect, it’s coldsmoke.” These words and the perfection that they describe stuck with Breitenbach and guided his vision of creating a company that produces outerwear reflecting the degree of perfection that occurs when various elements come together in perfect balance. 



Coldsmoke combines the cutting edge technology of high-performance materials with classic military and workwear inspired design to bring you the highest quality outerwear available on the market today. To this end we design our products at the Coldsmoke basecamp in Venice California, and build our products in Vancouver British Columbia, using materials sourced from the world’s most advanced fabric mills, for a superior combination of style, durability, and performance.In our striving to strike a balance between simplicity and complexity we follow the demands of function as they lead us to create innovative and timeless forms of mountain-honest outerwear. Some of our items push the boundaries of outdoor performance capability, while others blur boundaries between technical cold weather gear and refined contemporary and classic urban style. All of our garments impart a presence that is uniquely polished and capable.



More than a brand, Coldsmoke is a culture of individuals who pursue joy among the elements. Coldsmoke Chronicles is the forum where we gather to celebrate our culture by showcasing people, art, music, and design that impart both classic and progressive style to outdoor life, enriching it into a lifestyle. As an ode to outdoor lifestyles, Coldsmoke sees no boundaries between the joy you experience from core winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, and that which you experience during all-season surfing, skateboarding, biking, climbing, and trekking adventures. Coldsmoke Chronicles focuses on how all of our pursuits of pleasure among the elements influence cultural movements that are not traditionally linked with outdoor activities.



Every year the Coldsmoke Awards recognizes innovative films showcasing stories of winter life told from a fresh perspective. While “ski porn” will always be close to the heart of the Coldsmoke Awards, our team continues to search for films that showcase the joy of winter culture in all of its manifestations.The Coldsmoke Awards ceremony is a live event featuring music, film, MCs, filmmakers, and athletes. Together we celebrate great stories told through the art of film and the talented folks who create them, but in a wild “anything goes” spirit that winter mountain culture can call its own. In addition to the development of new talent, sports, and cinematic innovation, the Coldsmoke Awards prides itself on strengthening our winter community by contributing to non-profit organizations dedicated to the future of mountain culture.



Part of the Coldsmoke Collective, Powder Mountain Cat and Heli Skiing provides arguably the best cat and heli operation in B.C. Located just 20 minutes from the base of Whistler, Powder Mountain’s tenure includes 247,000 acres of the most amazing and easily accessible terrain anywhere in British Columbia. When it snows in Whistler, it snows even harder at Powder Mountain. Powder Mountain traditionally receives double to triple the snow from a storm cycle than Whistler Blackcomb. To step out of our heli or snowcat at the top of Powder Mountain, whether it’s your first time or your one hundredth, the image of endless, untouched powder with not a soul around to track it up – other than yourself – is an experience you’ll remember forever. No matter what your powder ability or level of expertise, we have runs for you. Our fully certified heliski guides will take you into the backcountry to experience powder skiing and riding as it should be: un-tracked, un-hurried, un-crowded, and simply unbelievable. If you want to ski or ride unparalleled powder on your next trip to Whistler, you want to come skiing with Powder Mountain.