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“winter is a woman” a poem by: rachel gregg and rachel pohl, coldsmoke awards 2015

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Each year at the Coldsmoke Awards a group of talented and distinguished presenters deliver clever, eloquent, and humorous antidotes in their presentation of the awards.  One of this years finest orations was delivered by two very lovely Montana ladies, Rachel Gregg and Rachel Pohl.  Winter Is A Woman, a poem by Rachel Gregg, perfectly wraps up […]


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Tiny House Tour 2014: Trailer from Outdoor Research on Vimeo. Produced by: Right on Brother Directed by: Sam Giffen 12:00 USA 2014 Home. As the days shorten and the temperatures drop, home is where we all want to be. But for a trio of dreamers and gypsies, home is a space that doesn’t stand still. […]


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WINTER PROJECT – AVAILABLE ON ITUNES from HYBRID COLOR FILMS on Vimeo. Produced by: Hybrid Color FilmsDirected by: Kyle Aramburo09:00Alaska, USA2014 Winter Project is a true story snowmobile documentary about the evolution of backcountry snowmobiling in Alaska. This film touches on the early days of riding in Alaska, the 2000 mile Iron Dog – The […]


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Produced by: Menno Koelewijn & Edwin Spee Directed by: Allard Fass& Chilo Oostergetel 20:00 Austria 2014 Paralympic athletes Bibian Mentel (gold medal snowboard Paralympic Games, Sochi 2014) and Kees-Jan van der Klooster (gold medal skier x – X-Games, Aspen 2008) end a dramatic winter-season in the Swiss Alps, doing some heli-drops on the glaciers of […]


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Produced by: Freeski Crew: Bene Höflinger, Basti Färber, Dominik Hartmann, Marinus Höflinger Directed by: Marinus Höflinger 34:00 Austria 2014 Freeski-crew has been producing ski movies for ten years now, but certainly hasn’t forgotten their roots. Traveling the world and being inspired by the mountain cultures around the globe is their current course. But, there is […]


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Produced by: Stept Productions Directed by: Nick Martini and Cam Riley 42:00 USA 2014 In its simplest form, filmmaking is storytelling. Ten and Two delivers a tour de force in the world of urban skiing. Directors Nick Martini and Cam Riley bring the story, written by their fallen comrade Tom Warnick, to cinematic life. Warnick’s […]