The Coldsmoke Story

t h e   c o l d s m o k e   s t o r y

Winter Culture: This is Coldsmoke from Coldsmoke Awards on Vimeo.

the coldsmoke platform

ten years in the making, the coldsmoke awards has evolved in to a multifaceted platform aimed at strengthening the winter culture from the ground up.

As with all great ideas, it was shoptalk on the job site one afternoon in 2003. Two years later, the founders and dreamers have created an innovative independent film platform known for its wild and zany awards night. – Outside Bozeman Winter Issue 2004-2005

The Coldsmoke Platform was born out of a rapidly growing mountain community’s desire to showcase its expanding artistic talent and celebrate the culture around winter. It exists to cultivate, promote, and broadcast the ideas, imagery, and businesses flourishing within this mountain way of life. Along with fostering new talent and innovation, The Coldsmoke Platform prides itself on strengthening winter communities through partnerships with organizations dedicated to investing in the future of mountain society and focusing on local businesses.

winter film tour

The Coldsmoke Winter Film Tour showcases a hand-crafted selection of films submitted to the Coldsmoke Awards.  Films from action epics such as Jeremy Jones’ Further and Brain Farm’s The Art of Flight, to story based short films featuring people and communities of the Winter Culture grace the Coldsmoke screen. Audiences are dazzled with stories and images ranging from speed flying, to ice fishing with explosives, to the summit of a mid-winter expedition in the Himalaya.

Coldsmoke Winter Film Tour from Coldsmoke Awards on Vimeo.


coldsmoke awards ceremony

The Winter Film Tour culminates in Bozeman, Montana at the Coldsmoke Awards. This is a one night only live show where filmmakers, MC’s, athletes, and presenters coalesce on the Coldsmoke stage to celebrate the very best in winter film. Similar to the Academy Awards in format, this wild and zany awards ceremony celebrates imagery and talent with a vibe only the winter mountain culture can create. Live music, libations and festive mountain attire make this a true finale to Coldsmoke’s line of events.

The Coldsmoke Awards: A Celebration of the Winter Culture from Coldsmoke Awards on Vimeo.

online participation

Coldsmoke Online expands the reach of all things Coldsmoke, connecting filmmakers, athletes, artists and brands to audiences worldwide. It gives everyone a chance to participate and cast their vote, share films and connect with other winter enthusiasts. Loads of interactive content, prizes, and stoke! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the definitive celebration of the Winter Culture.