This next stop of my road trip was accompanied by my good friend, Joe Bosler. We started to make our way along my 4,000+ mile long road trip with the Coldsmoke Awards in Bozeman, Montana being the next destination.


Joe and I wanted to make it to Montana by nightfall, but had to take some photos along the way.


Don’t tell the Idaho state boarder patrol that I accidentally smuggled bananas in from Washington…


Upon entering Montana we were greeted with an icy frost.


At the hotel we were given a welcome packet with times and schedules.

The 9th annual Coldsmoke Awards was held on Saturday, January 18th at the Emerson Center. The award ceremony showcased some of the best winter movie projects produced in the last year. This Academy Awards style ceremony appropriately highlights movies with coveted titles such as Best Powder Award, Best Cinematography Award and the People’s Choice Award with trophies to match. I was honored to be a guest at the awards to see it first hand, and even help with some of the behind the scenes set-up before the event started.


I helped set up the tent for the Fall 2014 Apparel line. Now that’s a good looking tent! 


The Coldsmoke Crew was able to jump on the red carpet for a photo before the public arrived.


And just like that, the Emersen Center was packed, and the Coldsmoke Awards were under way! (Photo by Justin Coté)

The 9th Coldsmoke Awards Audience

If there was a category for Most Ingenious Costume Award I think Chris Kamman could have won. Here he is presenting the Best Cinematography Award. (Photo by Justin Coté)

Chris Kamman dropping a little knowledge on how to achive cinema

Announcing the Best Director Award was Greg Stump, who was probably the most entertaining announcer of the evening. (Photo by Justin Coté)

Director of the legendary film Blizzard of Ahh's Greg Stump anno

My personal favorite standout video of the night was “Valhalla” by Sweetgrass Productions. The video was came on top of the Best Director and Best Soul awards. A must see!

The reception hall was big enough for a party. Literally!


The following day there were plenty of fields of snow to keep eyes entertained along the drive between drinking plenty of coffee and avoiding wildlife on the road to Wyoming to start filming the first stop of my web series, the Postcard Series Volume 2.


Here is some more info on the Coldsmoke Awards. Also visit http://www.coldsmokeco.com/awards/official-results/ for a the full results of the evening.