For this season’s #coldstoked photo competition, we tasked last season’s champ Kellen Mohr, with picking the new winner. Here’s what he had to say:

It was a pleasure digging through the thousands of beautiful photographs in search of this season’s winner.  I landed on lens assassin Thaddeus Cooke as this year’s #COLDSTOKED winner!  I based my choice on several criteria, the first of which is location.  Thaddeus gets after it in the wilds of Vermont; a place we don’t see on our feed quite as often as the PNW or Alberta or British Columbia, and his trips to remote plane-access-only Alaskan glaciers are icing on the cake.  Second, and this should go without saying; his photos are a jaw-droppingly good mix of clean, well-composed landscapes, perfectly timed action shots, portraits of good friends, and snapshots of great times in dreamy locales.  Third, his photos are powerfully evocative – the soft colors, thanks in part to his preference for 35mm film, harken back to simpler times when the experience was valued more than the shot, and they have the feeling of a memory.  All of this combines to create a vision of a cool cat staying true to his roots; one that we are more than happy to cloak in some Coldsmoke gear for whatever adventures his future holds.  At home in cold environments and always stoked – Thaddeus Cooke is this seasons #COLDSTOKED winner!

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