2 weeks, 2,200 Miles, 41 hours behind the wheel,  five states, one province, three mountain ranges, gallons of beer, tons of new friends, and countless memories. Needless to say, the Coldsmoke Winter Film Tour was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came out, got inspired by the latest winter films, shared the stoke, and picked up some Coldsmoke gear! Its all added up to the Coldsmoke Awards show, January 10th in Bozeman MT, at the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture. There’s still time to vote for the people’s choice award and be entered to win a cat skiing trip for two at Powder Mountain, in Whistler, and $1000.

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The boys from KSM collective were given 7 days to shoot and edit a 5-7 minute ski/snowboard film all within 100 km of our second home, Whistler B.C. They called it Wintertide. 

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The riders came and they conquered, but at the end of the day scores have to be tallied, numbers have to be crunched, and somebody has to beat somebody in this unique, backcountry event. The event was a mixture of different styles on a diverse course that is unforgiving to the unwary. However, with the best of the best at hand, this monster of a mountain was tamed and done so in style. Tricks are great, obstacles are gnarly, but the true heart of snowboarding lies in style. Doing big things with style takes skill like nothing else. So scroll below to view Gigi’s winning run and the top 4. Also, tune in to NBC @ 1:30 PM EST on March 30th to see national television coverage of the event!

1. Gigi Ruf
2. Nicolas Muller
3. Bryan Fox
4. Terje Haakonsen


2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural Backcountry Event

Here is a quick rundown of how this event is run (in case you missed it last year) and who is invited to this year’s event:
Last year Travis Rice and Red Bull teamed up to bring a new kind of competition to the scene. Backcountry is the heart and soul of snowboarding. It is the origins and it is almost always what boarders will draw on if asked about their favorite time snowboarding or most enjoyable type of boarding. This does not bar backcountry from being incredibly difficult and complex, however. Most would argue traditional competitions pale in comparison to hitting backcountry drops on unpredictable powder. The event starts February 15, the world’s top riders will be there, and some of the world’s most complex snowboarding will be the result.

2013 Participating Riders: Travis Rice, Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Lucas Debari, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Jake Blauvelt, David Carrier-Porcheron, Eero Niemela, Terje Hakonsen, Mark McMorris, Pat Moore, Mikey Rencz, Torstein Horgmo, Bode Merrill, Jusse Oksanen, and Bryan Fox