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Words and tunes by Rory McAuliffe. Shots by Walker Cole

Featuring the upcoming Womens’ MA-1, and Alpha-lite Pullover

Here are some things that happened on the trip. 7 large people 9 surfboards one un-roadtested 3,000 dollar van. Stopped in Encinitas for plantain burritos. Crossed the border late afternoon and suited up as soon as we got to Gaviotas. Got yelled at for taking wine glasses down to beach. 4-7 ft swell. House was decorated inside almost entirely of white marble.

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Got delicious tacos at K23 taco surf. Had delicious seafood and margaritas in puerto Nuevo, sat next to the possible future mayor of Baja at a little restaurant there with ivy covered windows. Did some barefoot bouldering while waiting for the tide to be right. Lots of home cooked meals.

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The highway one between the border and Gaviotas was beautiful and the coastline was rugged, big cliffs and turquoise and white water. Guys sitting in the beds of pick up trucks in Mexico laughed at the 55mph top speed of the van as they sped by.

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As the majority of the country shivers Рpardon, aggressively shakes Рunder the Arctic chill, and we in Venice remain as perfectly temperate as one can be in Southern California mid-January, the west coast of Europe is receiving a decent thrashing as well.  Not rain and sleet, but waves and tides. Massive ones. Hercules, the storm originating in the US, has swept over the Atlantic and hit our neighbors across the pond with swells historically unmatched for the region. While the coastal areas of England, Spain, France and Portugal are certainly no stranger to epic surf, the 30-60 ft waves have come as an astonishment to all.

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Photographer Mark Leary tells us a little bit about his new surf book, Salt + Wax.

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While you were busy taking the summers off from all of the big mountain skiing you didn’t do the previous winter, a couple of extreme skiing’s gnarliest pow-pirates were busy figuring out how to take their brand of fluffy gnar action ocean-side. The result? The birth of big wave surf skiing.

Ski boots, ski poles, mini surfboards for skis, and enormous freaking waves… Here’s what it’s all about:

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