In this revealing short film, Tom Elliott and Simon Reichel, the duo known as A Common Future — explore the characters and culture of cold water surfing in Britain’s industrial north. Hardy locals brave freezing water and toxic waste to ride breakers along the smokestack dotted coastline they call home. “For the past few decades the factories have pumped vile stuff into that river mouth. In the words of the locals, if you go on the wrong day, the water fizzes,” says Elliot.   A spot called The Gare at the mouth of the river Tees churns out world-class walls in deep winter when you come out with icicles hanging off your face.

Through Clouds and Water from A Common Future



The 3rd annual Surf & Skate Silent Auction to benefit the Venice Family Clinic took place this past week out at the Robert Berman Gallery and we must say that it was a pretty great event. Our friend Pat Ngoho is on the committee for the event, so we wanted to support his efforts for this worthy cause. Check out some information on the show below:

The 3rd annual Surf & Skate silent art auction features custom surfboards and skate decks designed by professional surfers, skateboarders and artists. This year’s theme is “The Endless Summer,” in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the sensational surf film created in 1964 by filmmaker Bruce Brown. The poster was designed by iconic graphic artist John Van Hamersveld, also the 2013 Venice Art Walk Signature Artist. Featuring a performance by The King’s English.

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Concentrate on the positive in life. 18 years ago a slight lapse in concentration crushed Pascale’s dreams of surfing. With the help of a family friend and a roll of duct tape; she can now call herself a surfer.


You may not think of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as the perfect locale for surfing, but the ridable waves churned up by the Snake River’s Lunch Counter Rapids just outside of town have been an open secret among surfers for years. The waves are produced when snowmelt and release activities from the Jackson Lake Dam cause water levels to rise and the river to flow 8,000 to 12,000 cubic feet per second.

During most years, the Lunch Counter wave is active for two to six weeks, usually from late May until June. But the wave is inconsistent, sometimes lying dormant for days at a time. This year, however, the folks in Jackson Hole have been experiencing a rare event, with the river producing consistently ridable waves for 40-plus days, and at the time of this writing, the waves are still pumping.

Before you make your trip out to Wyoming for this wave, remember that the dangers of river surfing must be taken seriously. River surfing requires a different skill-set than ocean surfing, and if you mistime your entry into the river, you can get swept downstream. If you fall off your board, you must know how to navigate the river without crashing into rocks, and how to make your way to a nearby eddy—because any river play without a life jacket is scary river play.

Despite the river’s dangers, hundreds of people have successfully surfed this wave over the decades, and below is a look at how surfers are enjoying this year’s extraordinary wave.



10-Lunch-Counter-Rapid 02-LUnch-Counter-Rapid 06-Lunch-Counter-Rapid
11-Lunch-Counter-rapidSource: GrindtTV



ambassadorWhat: 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro. Stop #4 of the ASP World Championship Tour.

When: June 2-14

Where: Two of the best lefts in the world—Cloudbreak and Restaurants.

Who: The world’s best 34 surfers joined by two event wildcards.

As the best surfers in the world gathered at legendary surf break Cloudbreak for the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro, bystanders witnessed what friend and frother Surf Ambassador Hendo described as “waves that we once only thought existed in our dreams as groms.” If you followed the contest, you’ll know that Day 1 saw picture perfect head high waves, only to be followed by a few lay days which left many of you sitting anxiously at your computers clicking the refresh button waiting for the live stream to update; when the disappointing screen appeared announcing another delay in the contest, at least the majority of you shredders were able to turn to your own backyards to enjoy the remainder of the pumping south swell. Despite the numerous lay days, the contest action proved every bit as exciting as we’d anticipated with all the usual suspects making barrels that looked damn near impossible, whether you were watching from home huddled around a computer with all your crew or standing on the shore of Cloudbreak with sand between your toes. Fast forward to the contest final day and we witness a historic win by legend Kelly Slater, defeating Mick Fanning with what has been called one of the most dominant performances of Slater’s career. We linked up with our buddy, Surf Ambassador Hendo, who was there to witness this epic victory first hand for some exclusive coverage of the Volcom Fiji Pro.

“After a few lay days and plenty of downtime to drink the local spirits and surf the pro’s leftover scraps, the final day of the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro was upon us. Like eager children on any given holiday, we all anxiously awaited what would surely be an epic day of professional surfing at Cloudbreak. The Quarter Finals alone were stacked like a can of pringles hosting such legend rippers as: Kelly Slater, CJ Hobgood, John John Florence, Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, and more.

Although the day started off with a bang as super phenom John John Florence posted some epic 9-point-rides, things would take a turn for the amazing as soon as 11 time World Champ Kelly Slater stepped foot in the water. Posting an unfathomable perfect heat score of 20 points in Quarter Final heat 2, it was clear from the start that Kelly was on fire and it would take a miracle to try and stop him. Semis Heat 2 saw a close one between the last remaining goofy footer (and one of my personal favorites) in the contest aka CJ Hobgood Vs. Mick “Eugene” Fanning. With minutes remaining, Mick snagged a 9.07 to advance to the Final along with Slater.

As legends began to drop like flies under Slater’s undeniable domination, the Final had appeared in the blink of an eye. Within minutes, it appeared as though Poseidon woke up from a power nap and turned the waves to freak mode. First up, Mick pulled into a sick pit that would earn him a 9.2 quickly followed by Slater that pulled into the meanest froth monster tube that could literally fit 2 king size beds in it. As Slater charged through the barrel, he stood tall and raised his arms like some sort of demonic spread eagle declaring “zero fucks given” and nearly made it out of the cavern till he got clipped by a mountain of white water at the last second. As offshore pits kept rolling through and the boyz pulled in and got spit out like hot dogs in hallways, things quickly changed as Slater posted a 9.8 followed up by a perfect 10 which put Mick in the combo situation. Like a mouse searching for some chedda, Mick pulled into barrel after barrel hoping to beat Slater’s 19.80 but alas to no avail. As the clock winded down and ended the Final, the Tavarua locals, the other pros, and the World alike all celebrated in glee as Kelly Slater was yet again crowned Champion of the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro. -Surf Ambassador Hendo (SAH), Bula & Vinaka Tavarua, Fiji”

As always, an epic and colorful recount from my amigo Surf Ambassador Hendo. Thanks, bud! Be sure to check him out on Facebook and SoundCloud. Legend!

Check out a video recap of the finals:

And a little bit more about LA-based DJ SAH:

This is SAH’s second year doing production work with Uncle Toad’s Media Group for the live webcast of the Volcom Fiji Pro. This year, he was editing the News Feed Videos for Surfline and other news media outlets as well as editing content pieces for the webcast, media management, and various other frothy post production projects.

Vans takes the reins from Nike for US Open

tElP0sRFour years ago Hurley, with the help of parent company Nike, acquired the contract for the US Open event. This was a great opportunity for the company and surfing, as that particular year saw a swell rare for Southern California and the result was the most talented surfers in challenging conditions in front of an audience like never before. The event was bumped up to a 6-star prime event on the ASP World Tour and the prize purse raised to an amount unheard of in surfing and action sports in general. It’s rare to see that 6-digit number, but the contestants couldn’t help have the $100,000 top prize and valuable world tour points on their minds as they worked hard in big, difficult conditions.

Hurley ran the event with continual growth for three more years, but this year they decided against renewing the event contract, effectively leaving it open to anybody willing to fill the biggest pair of shoes in competitive surfing history. With the incredible growth of the event popularity some may have been worried who would get their hands on the contract, but the surf industry breathed a sigh of relief to see a classic company that is accustomed to putting on large events with positive results for the sport, Vans. Being so ingrained in all the culture that the event represents, nobody is worried that the growth of the event will be affected by the new title sponsor. The contract Vans signed is said to be a three-year contract and nobody is likely to protest if they renew that contract in three years to continue the surfing event with attendance possibly numbering more than all world tour events combined.

*The first official promo design is pictured above.